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While under lockdown, we are striving to recreate our classrooms. Our classrooms are spaces where children are encouraged to explore, play, wander, ask questions, and find answers through observation and experimentation. Our school emphasizes the importance of parental involvement and it’s common to find parents helping in the classroom.

Admissions at SKB Little Folks!

We are committed to remotely supporting you through the application process while our campus remains closed. We will also host virtual visits for families interested in 2021-2022 enrollment. Registrations are now open.

Our Story

Shree Kant Bhushan Little Folks has been at the forefront of early education for over 40 years. As one of the best playschools in Kanpur, we focus on cultivating our children’s (ages 2-6 years) long-term social, emotional, and academic potential through leading learning philosophies.

Our children are given free rein in the classroom to explore, question, and innovate. Teachers foster their curiosity by providing an environment filled with possibilities and fun.

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Our Curriculum

SKB celebrates the “unique genius in every child” with a “learning by doing” approach that academically challenges each student to be an active learner, and taps into his/her emotional intelligence.

We are focused on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Our curriculum fosters creative expression through music, art, and movement.

Our dynamic and responsive curriculum meets the child where they are and adapts to each student’s talents and interests rather than age or grade.

All such qualities make us one of the most sought-after kindergarten school in Kanpur.

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FAQs About Our Preschool in Kanpur

Why is SKB Little Folks the Best Preschool in Kanpur?

SKB Little Folks Preschool has been at the forefront of early childhood education for over 40 years under the expert guidance of its founder, Radhika Bhushan. We manage to create a loving environment, a familiar and welcoming environment for children to learn freely to express their emotions and interests.

It is Kindergarten where we learn in a constructivist way. As the best play school in Kanpur, we are aware of how important this stage is in the life of the human being. Hence, everything we do is focused on developing the child’s competencies that will serve them for their school life in the future.

What kind of curriculum is offered at SKB Little Folks play school in Kanpur?

At SKB Little Folks Preschool, we take into account all the children’s knowledge and interests, and based on them we form the contents. Our curriculum focuses on the overall development of the child through social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Our early childhood program helps students in developing various skills and abilities through reading exercises, art, music, games, and movement. The school follows a “learning by doing” approach that academically challenges each student to be an active learner, utilize interdisciplinary thinking, tap into his/her emotional intelligence, and have civic-mindedness.

What makes SKB Little Folks different from other kid’s schools in Kanpur?

At SKB Little Folks Preschool, we provide a space for all our students to develop their learning process in a welcoming and familiar environment. We provide children with an environment rich in positive experiences, which will allow them to enhance their capacities, through an interactive method, with a positive sense of themselves. We do not only care for academic growth but also focus on cultivating our children’s long-term intellectual, social, and emotional potential in order to be competent for life in society.

What ages do you serve at SKB Little Folks preschool in Kanpur?

SKB Little Folks is one of the best playschools in Kanpur that focuses on early childhood education for children of ages 2-6 years. Our school follows a four-year program starting with a child at two years and three months, so that by the time they are 6 plus they enter Grade I.
Following are the classes offered:

  • Playgroup: 2+
  • Lower Kindergarten: 3+
  • Upper Kindergarten: 4+
  • Preparatory: 5+

All these classes play an important role in laying down a strong foundation so that our children step into secondary schooling with abundant confidence, whether it is academic or otherwise.

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