Our Founder

Radhika Bhushan, a formidable entity within the space of education in Kanpur has based her life and work on the core belief that brilliance is achieved from a holistic and well-rounded education. She has lived this philosophy in her own life, much before she had even started her school. She graduated from Lady Irwin College and went on to later receive a degree in law from Kanpur University. Her dedication and commitment to education continued to grow as she mentored her three younger sisters after her father’s passing away at a very early age.


In 1980, Radhika started Shreekant Bhushan Little Folks Preschool with just 13 students and one teacher in a single classroom. Within a few years, the number of students and teachers rose substantially, and almost instantly, Little Folks had become an education brand to reckon with. A common woe among sensitive conversations around the social evils in our country is the need for holistic education in smaller parts of the country. The lack of such an education is, often, considered the root of a large part of the malaise. Almost as an answer to that, Little Folks has been a platform that Radhika has used to be able to create real, tangible change. Invigorating little minds with the required spirit of questioning, discovering, and learning, Little Folks has enabled a very large number of students to break various stereotypes in myriad ways. Alumni of the Shree Kant Bhushan Little Folks Preschool are shining globally, not only professionally but also as responsible citizens of a proud nation. Dignitaries from across India, Asia, the UK, and USA have visited her preschool and applauded Radhika, inviting her to set up similar ventures in their respective cities/countries.


In 1998, she received the “Best Educationist” award by the Femina Magazine. In 2010, she was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs).

As an extension of her work and as part of her passion for the cause, Radhika has enabled not just students, but also parents by counseling them and engaging with them with regard to the many issues they may face with children within that age group. Further, by having employed a large number of dynamic women, Little Folks is home to some of the best talent, in terms of faculty, within Kanpur.


A philanthropist, Radhika was a Trustee at the Spastic Center in Kanpur and worked very closely with the organization to help the cause receive the attention it deserves. She has served as Honorary Secretary at the Center from 2006-2009. Further, as a life member, she is actively involved with the All India Women’s Conference (AIWC), an organization promoting and empowering women and bettering the lives of young children. She has been conferred with various honors by the Cancer Aid Society and Search Foundation of India for her dedicated service to these causes. Radhika believes that she is only just getting started. Surging ahead, she proves a fine example to women across the country that there is no glass ceiling that we can’t break. Her hobbies include writing and singing.

It’s My Children’s World

Adorable, affectionate and so caring
Children are so reckless and amazingly daring.
Weeping now and smiling soon
Angers forgotten at the flick of a tune.
Gurgling, throaty laughter infecting the air,
No worries, no problems of the world to care.
Arm-in-arm, or just floating at the periphery
Some little ones swinging, some grazing their knee.
Flush cheeked girls frowning at the ‘brats’
Vowing under their breath to have them thrashed.
Overcome by temptation, one breaks the rose
Others pull him into office while he drags his toes,
Chasing a butterfly or collecting ‘peepal’ leaves
Rolling in the garden and hiding like thieves.
The joy of holding the birthday child’s hand
Or turning cartwheels in the soft garden land’
Three feet darlings jumping in joy
Those still shying who are inherently coy.
Love, care, security is all they need
To be happy and themselves, without any heed.
This haven of children is not everyone’s treat
But people like me are blessed indeed!

– Radhika Bhushan

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