Frequently Asked Questions

Safety, Security & Hygiene

Personal security and safety are given top priority at SKB Little Folks preschool. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without the registered escort/guardian. Children are never left alone at work or play without adult supervision. At SKB, we do not believe in chiding or meting out punishment.

We thoroughly sanitize our classrooms and have put in place plans to ensure social distancing norms are maintained once our children return to the school campus.

Attendance & Punctuality

It is never too early in a child’s life to develop regular habits of attendance and punctuality. You will be helping your child if you send him to school every day except, in case of illness. Children should arrive at school at least five minutes before class time as it allows them to get settled in ahead of the learning session.

As a safety measure, we ask parents to notify the school about a child’s absence by calling the school office. If your child must leave the school early or is to go home with another adult or child or, is to visit another child after school, please send a note and inform the school about the change in routine.


The school has a uniform for the children – a summer and a winter uniform. Parents may either get it tailored themselves or procure a ready-made one from

Aastha Garments, 7/216, Swaroop Nagar ( Behind Oberoi Petrol Pump )

Ph: 9839083114,  9936880043

For summer, children have the option of wearing black Bata shoes with the prescribed socks or flat black or brown Bata sandals. In winter, only black shoes and grey stockings are permitted.

Books & Stationary

At the beginning of the academic session, books and stationery have to be bought and deposited in the school. These can be obtained from:

The Universal Book Stall


The fee can be deposited at any HDFC Bank branch in Kanpur. At the beginning of the term, bill books will be provided to the parents. All information pertaining to fees is given in it.


In case a student is withdrawn before the completion of four years, the parents must give written notice of two calendar months. Failing this the security deposit shall not be refunded.


Area lists of the names of children are available in the office to help you organize carpools. The school does not offer transportation facilities.


Children must not wear jewelry or bring valuable items even in the form of toys to the school. The school will not be held liable for losses.

Parent Participation Programme

Parents are invited to share their skills with the children, which helps in building stronger ties between the home and the school. It also provides an informal learning experience and helps the children in acquiring knowledge in varied fields.

Parent Counselling

There is a close bond shared between teachers and parents. Parent counseling forms an integral part of our program. A lot of issues regarding the child are discussed and solved by conferences held periodically between parents, the Directress, and the child’s teachers.

These counseling sessions also help us detect the early onset of behavioral and psychological problems in children. Together with parents, they are handled with great care. Wherever the need of clinical experts and advice is required, parents are referred to psychologists and therapists.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

A keen interest and constant involvement of the adults in a child’s life is key to developing and drawing out the best from him/her.

At SKB, children’s overall development is taken care of and a detailed report of every milestone is recorded for parents to see three times a year at formal meetings. Other than this, close interaction with parents becomes essential in their early childhood years. The frequency of meetings with parents varies from child to child and as per their needs.

We request you to please attend these meetings and also feel free to discuss your problems with the teacher concerned or with the Directress. On normal working days, please do not talk to the class teacher. If it is necessary, please make an appointment with the teacher concerned through the office. A time mutually convenient to both may be fixed.

Preparing The Child For Pre-School

Starting Preschool is the beginning of a different world of experiences for the child and most children feel uncertain, afraid, and inadequate. To reduce his fears and to make it an easy task for the child to start his preschool happily, parents must:

  1. Talk to the child favorably about the school
  2. Bring him/her for informal visits to the school during school hours. It should be a shared experience the first time- both parents must try and accompany him/her.
  3. The way the father and mother feel about sending her child to school affects the child’s reaction to school. The child must feel confident and should be encouraged.
  4. Parents must ensure that a change in the child’s bedtime, breakfast, toilet regime, etc. is achieved much before they begin their first day at school. This will help the child face school – a major change, with less discomfort.
  5. Proper sleep, a proper diet, and comfortable clothes and shoes are important for the child to feel easy at school. A simple snack that can be handled independently by the child should be sent with him/her.
  6. In case he/she insists on bringing his/her pet toy or pillow or any other article for security, he/she may get it but parents must write their child’s name on it.
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