Admissions Process


Parents desirous of admitting their child in the school have to fill up the Registration Form given below and submit it online.
The child should be:
- a minimum of 2 years and 3 months of age as on 1st of April,
- able to talk
- toilet trained.


The school will then invite the child with his/her parents for an Observation. The Observation is not a test of knowledge so no prior preparation is required. It is to ascertain the child’s readiness for school.


The school will then bring out the list of selected children along with the date and time for Admission. On the said date, the parents have to visit the school and fill up the Admission form and pay the fees.


On the day of admission, the parents will also be given the date and time for Orientation. This is a very important day for the parents as they will be given a very informative and useful talk by the Directress, especially for the first-time parents. They will meet their child’s teacher, get a glimpse of the classroom, and will be given the dates for the child’s pre-visits to the school.


Before the children begin their formal classes in April, they visit the school thrice. This will help them get acclimatized to the school and their teacher.

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