Why Us?

Building on a history of excellence in education, the Shree Kant Bhushan Little Folks Preschool today is the best that one can find. While the school has grown both in numbers and quality, the management has firmly restricted the number of children on its rolls, to ensure the qualitative input given to each child.

Shree Kant Bhushan Little Folks Preschool aims at imparting education in the emotional, social, language, and creative spheres, apart from pure book-oriented knowledge, to prepare little folks for more challenging pursuits in the future.

Discovering our little ones’ latent talents, making them confident individuals, and developing their capacity for application rather than rote skills, has been most important to the Shree Kant Bhushan Little Folks Preschool management.

Our low student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1 assures that teachers work closely with each student, guiding and helping them develop their skills.

Lessons at Little Folks come to life as students and staff make direct contact with their subjects. Regular activities at school consist of music, art, dance, drama, storytelling, craft — the list is endless.

Visits from local professionals, that is, doctors, bakers, policemen, and so on, not only arouse interest in a child but also promote general awareness and make learning fun. Sometimes, the teachers themselves dress up as greengrocers or magicians to liven up the school’s already buzzing atmosphere.

The school lays emphasis on inculcating discipline without supervision, instilling moral values at this impressionable age, and imparting skills that aim at the overall personality development of the child.

The worth of our little folks cannot be measured immediately. There are no instant displays of our scores. Our scores are to be read in the lives that are being made, the perfections that are being reached, and the excellence that has been achieved already.

Encouragingly, this is evident from the fact that many of our little folks are today, pursuing their education in renowned academic institutions in and out of Kanpur and further, excelling in various fields like medicine, arts, engineering, politics, management all over the globe. And most importantly, they are very conscientious and productive citizens, bringing laurels to their homes and the nation.

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