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Public Speaking

Recognizing the importance of the growing global competition, we initiate oratory skills from the very start i.e. from Play Group itself. The ‘Bring & Tell’ (wherein each child is allowed to bring an object from home and speak a few lines in front of the class.), elocution and TV play are some activities which build self confidence in children and help them in attaining fluency in the English language. Having sown the seeds of public speaking in our two and a half year olds, they bloom with excellent communication skills when they leave after four years.

Field Trip

To give the children a hands on experience, field trips are organised by the school every year. They visit the zoo, biscuit and sweet factory, bank, post office, the airport and even the Air Force flying club.


In winters, when the weather is just right to be outdoors, children are taken for class picnics to clean hygienic areas identified by the school. Besides being a lot of fun, they also learn sharing, playing together amicably, being responsible for each others belongings, following civic rules and appreciating nature.

Festivals and National Days

Inculcating values and keeping the children in touch with their culture is very important to SKB Little Folks Preschool.  As such, all major festivals are celebrated with great fanfare. Children dress up in traditional clothes and perform the rituals associated with these festivals. Holi, Diwali, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Basant Panchami, Dussehra, Christmas, Independence day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti & Children’s day are all special days at Little Folks.


Experts from various fields like doctors, soldiers, dentists, cobblers, bakers, policemen etc. visit the school on a regular basis. The children interact freely with them and learn about their profession.

Special Activity Days

This is one of the most distinguishing features of the school. To substantiate learning, special days, devoted to a particular topic are assigned. All activities on that day are related to that topic. Traffic day, Healthy food day, Community helpers day, Science day, Sensory motor activity day, Maths day, Green grocer day, Paper day, Pet day etc. are a few examples.

Other Activities

Besides the above mentioned activities, walks, films, magic and puppet shows form an intrinsic part of the school curriculum. Frequent painting, quiz and elocution competitions are also incorporated in their learning process.


A birthday is a very special occasion for the child and the school presents every child with a birthday gift. If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in school, it should be done as simply as possible. Only toffees to his/her classmates can be distributed by the child. No elaborate celebrations are allowed. The child need not wear his / her school uniform on this day.

Annual Shows

Little Folks is known for its Annual Events. Shows like the Circus, Jungle Book, Ramayana, Silver Jubilee Carnival, Sleeping Beauty etc. have been etched in people’s memories. The most striking feature of its Annual Events is the fact that all children are presented on stage.

The school  also takes pride in its choir groups presented over the years. For the first time, in the Concert of 1983, a group of 10, all five year olds, were trained to sing to the accompaniment of the keyboard played by Mr. Jaideep Lakhtakia. Today, Mr. Monodine keeps the music going.  The children have done us proud from solos to tough numbers, “Bare Necessities’, ‘My Own Home’ (from ‘Jungle Book’) to Christmas carols – they’ve braved it alone on stage!

Farewell Party

It is customary to give a theme-based farewell party to the little folks leaving the Preschool after the Preparatory class. This is held on the day after the school academic session ends.


All children who complete the preparatory class participate in the graduation ceremony where they are given their graduation certificates.


While children who excel in different fields are given prizes, the Shree Kant Bhushan Memorial Gold and Silver medal for the most Outstanding Pupil of the Year was  instituted in 1994. This medal  is given to a student on the basis of his or her all-round development and progress during the four years spent in the school. The students are first short listed in areas of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Their overall personality, confidence level and grasping ability in each subject is also taken into consideration. Parental contribution, academic excellence and creativity in art and music play a pivotal role in adjudging the child.

A special Gold & Silver medal for the outstanding girl student has also been instituted in 2010 in memory of Ms. Bhushan’s  mother, Mrs. Kanta Bhushan, who has been her guide and inspiration.

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